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  • Do I need to be a member of the location rating thingy 'Rummble'? #tiredoftoomanynetworksofthesamekind #
  • This IS a fake, right: frrvrr.com/ (legal filigs? health records?) #
  • @hanseich well at the monebnt the plan is to create demos and go shopping at agencies or companies directly #games #non-digital #advertise #
  • @planetsab I did but did not read the whole thing, gimme a hint ;) (does the video thing have the closed group feature now? ;) ) #
  • @planetsab well OK I see it now. ;) But then again: Facebook is also a Spamming machine ;) #
  • grr, mail to carpe.com ias down again use my oliver.gassner id at gmail.com pls #
  • wow, I am no 34 on the wikio high-tech blogcharts from germany www.wikio.de/blogs/top/high-tech #
  • what if 'dinosaurs' like AOL give their traffic power to #3..ff of 2-0services? tinyurl.com/2og526 #
  • great my mail is sowly dripping in again, at least nothting was lost ;) #
  • slowly getting ready 4 the community event at mfg.de today #
  • @mkrigsman thanks, on the german "digest" of the Technorati-List I am far lower ;) But I mean: Who is techorati *duck* #
  • aha the military obvously puts hopes on obama twitter.com/ObamaNews/statuses/770645292 #
  • @misscaro soll ich deinem schef nen gruss sagen? #

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