Friendfeed.com vs. ping.fm - The logic of Lifestreams

OK, I have to admit: I am confused.

Applications like lifestream.fm or Friendfeed let me aggregate my RSS-Feeds (several blogs, some photos, Videos, favorites from Delicious and Youtube etc.) to one 'page' and stream that can be commented and 'liked' by peers and strangers alike (if I chose to make it public, which I did).

Friendfeed has really neat functions, like I can reply to Twitter messages I read there via both FF and Twitter. Or people can have a discussion within FF on any seesmic-video-comment I make anywhere on the web. And much more other such stuff ;)

As to the merging of RSS-feeds Feedburner allowed similar stuff before and specially Jaiku (now owned by Google) broke the ground there.

Now there is another service that promises to get all my updates into
* my blogs
* twitter
* jaiku
* Facebook
* Plaxo etcetc.

And that is ping.fm

Usually when I sign up to anything "2.0" I add some of my oprofiles and start to use it a little and usually I know what it seems to be for.

With ping.fm I added 2 services and then hesitated. Cause I was now sure what to do.

* Do I really want to go status updates to any place I have a status box?
* Do I really want to use twitter from ping.fm?
* Does the same message have to go to twitter AND to identi.ca? And then both on to Friendfeed?
* Or should I exclude Microblogging(µB)-Streams from Friendfeed and ping.fm to there directly?
* And what then with the replies? Do I want to watch 20 services for the replies I might get?
* Or is it just for the attention? Buit what is attention worth without conversation?
* Doesn't the use of ping.fm imply, taht you might not also want to use Friendfeed?
* Or do you 'ping' only those services yo do not aggregate in FF? (And why would you NOT aggregate them if you 'work' on updating them?)
* What IF someone wants to answer my Twit in Identica? Or with a message on Facebook? (And why can't hey just answer by Jabber or Skype? -- Which is another topic.) I mean I *have* all these channels to be *used* by people to have conversations with me.

To make a long story short:
* What kind of 'conversational logic' did you establish between Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku, identi.ca, ping.fm and Friendfeed? (We have not even touched Brightlkite yet ;) )
* Is the solution to keep µB out of FF?
* Is the solution to just use ONE channel (say: Twitter) to answer the question "What are you doing?/Where are you?"

Help ;)

(And: Now I know how irritated and estranged some people are by Twitter alone ;) )

PS: If you want to find me on any of those services: Klick the 'my nets'-link under my protrait on the right. It will lead you to a posting with all te links to my profiles ;)

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