Xoopit pimps your Gmail: 5 Invites available

Xoopit Transforms Your Gmail Inbox into a Multimedia Haven says the Lifehacker-Blog.

well I have not had the chance to test yet, it seems to me right now it is just showing me the imagery from the incoming e-mails that I usually ignore anyways.

But if you use Gmail as your main inbox I got a goodie for you:

If you write a comment about your 'best Gmail tipp / how to /trick' below this post you might win one of my five invites.

I'll decide tomorrow at this time of the day who the lucky winners will be ;)

My best hint is:

Create a tag called '- bacon' and tag all messages that are generared automagically by twitter, newsletters, social networks etcetc. with '- bacon' through a filter that skips the inbox This way your inbox stays clean and you can work on the 'bacon' (= wanted spam) mail when you feel like it :)

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