Was wollen User von Business-Social-Networks NOCH?

What besides the 'normal' things you'd expect from a Business-SN would you want from such an Network?

Aus ein paar Twitter-Konversationen im Umfeld meines Artikels zu Socialmedia (wegen dessen Ankauf durch XING) (socialmedian: 10 Minuten Einführung in "Crowdsoured News-Filtering") ergab sich die Frage:

OK, was Leute vom Business Social Networking wollen, ist klar (Kontakte, Konversationen, Jobs, Aufträge, manchmal Dating ;) ), aber was vollen sie von Business-SNs NOCH?

Die Antworten der Twitterbefragten hier im Originalton:

fakestef @oliverg Connectivity Services like Facebook Connect so people can comment on blogs using their Xing ID

Martin Wedgwood
martinwedgwood @oliverg additional features I'd like with XING: widgets to take information (events for example) to the outside of the XING realm

Martin Koser
frogpond @oliverg hmm, not related in my book, community management is nice for xing, but if users can be lured to the platform by other ways too?

Martin Wedgwood
martinwedgwood @oliverg for XING it's clear: they should give up there monopolist strategy and open up to other social networks.

Richard A.
@oliverg I use linkedin, but not xing, no idea why not though. Lazy I think. about 11 hours ago from twhirl in reply to oliverg

Martin Koser
frogpond @oliverg not sure either - perhaps some needs must be promoted and marketed first, we'll see what #Xing plans to do with #Socialmedian about 11 hours ago from twhirl in reply to oliverg

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