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Yesterday's Twits

  • br*nds4friends droht mit '-70% Rabatt'. Hallo PISA ;) (Good morning, Twittosphere.) #
  • mailed www.geburtstagsliste.net - asked them to delete my account. no button for that there. #
  • @muffutz about CDs they said in the beginning that they would have 1,5 hrs of playtime and cost half as much as an LP. Good joke. #
  • Is anyone using "we+" by "yoo" for enterprise 2.0 purposes? are there any case studies out? #
  • What are your best practices when using Xing, Viadeo or LinkedIn for business networking (not dating ;) )? d oliverg with a blog entry?! #
  • Do you have any tech-oriented tipps on how U use XING with RSS/Mail/Filters whatever? d oliverg with a blog entry?! #
  • SL & augmented Reality tinyurl.com/3xyet8 #
  • hihi really funny www.tatuagemdaboa.com.br/ (enter the name of your blog or U'r own name ;) ) #
  • KOmmt zum Dichterduell (MITAMCHEN!) : www.carpe.com/dichterduell/main/ #
  • is it only here that google (gmail, gsearch german, gcal widget) has massive traffic/server problerms? #
  • @saschalobo ah, ok ;) man stelle sich vor zusätzlich zu google würde auch noch twitter ausfallen. bitte: yahoo twitter kaufen oder MSFT. #
  • ok, now what that google is down? clean up delicious or my desk? ;) #
  • is google down because of this: tinyurl.com/2utwvr (which also dioes not load?) #
  • verlockend tinyurl.com/2tdn7d #
  • hey from all google services i just tried only jaiku works ;) #
  • @nerotunes aber twitter tut doch.amazon.com auch. #
  • @ USA contacts are google services only down here in (parts of) germany? #
  • The Google outage in Germany seems to be a failiure of Telekom:
    Connections work with Arcor and Alice. #
  • @hedinger well you obviously don't have t-com.de as a provider. but: you could ask them to come to @barcampbodensee ;) in May/June #
  • @igorschwarzmann have you been online on 9/11? not much was reachable then... (I only saw it was a minor explosian a minute later on pgload) #
  • @hediger spamfree gmail: gmail inbox was rather spammy the last 2 days ;( tell them to start yesterday ;) #
  • twitter.com/hediger is twittering from the opening of Google Zurich, Switzerland #
  • @tencate I guess so #google #zurich #
  • @toco yep, but they are so big we can't find anyone to really talk to about barcamp bodensee ;) #barcampbodensee #
  • @tencate well they seem to be axpanding now #google #zurich #
  • okok, while telekom does not allow me mail and search I can also sort another pile of old paper ;) #
  • youtube loads ... without the CSS ;) #
  • @theuer Glaub mir, du willst die nicht alle in badehose sehen. Was sollen sie tragen? Norwegerpulli? Barcampshirts? #
  • wunder der technik: google is back #
  • If you are a blogger from the stuttgart / Karlsruhe area and want invites to blogmeets "d oliverg" your mailadress #

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Google down ;)

Ich habs ja gesagt: Google wird unmanagebar. Businesstechnisch UND technisch.

Und was mach ich jetzt ohne Mail und Suche und alles?

Schreibtischaufräumen etwa? Twittern?


Es liegt wohl an der Telekom, heißt es. Manche USA-Dienste tun: z.B. CNN, Amazon.com, Twitter.

Von Arcor und Alice-Zugängen scheint es zu gehen.

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Yesterday's Twits

  • took this 2big.at/8a5 as a cue to add some more rss-stats junk to my sidebar ;) 2big.at/8aq (AideRSS) #
  • nur weil ich grad in anderem Zusammenhang mal wieder verweisen habe: Nationalstolz: liebezurweisheit.twoday.net/stories/2203958/ #
  • hey, @Gmail, your spam-filter is broken. Too many false negatives ;( #
  • blogging 3.0: switch off the comments: 2big.at/8as (brought to you by a German court around the corner) #
  • alas, my last ffffound.com/invitation is gone now ;) #
  • ok my netvibes page is very slowly getting useful, but will I have time after reading my feeds? ;) #
  • Fiddling around with banner-servers is damaging to your brain. 170 Pages of Manuals? Brrr. #
  • @frogpond well if there is a working t-com hotspot on the train and you have the t-com phone/DSL-Flat you can surf on the train 4 free. #
  • @mcwinkel also wenn ich ein mädel wäre, das ne brauerei geerbt hat, also dei rosa krawatte.. also .. #
  • @thomaswanhoff the "ce"-sign 4 toys does not actually MEAN anything. It's in no way 'certified' If I am told right. #
  • why does twhirl open pages in MSIE? #
  • @tp_da maybe I need to set a standard browser. but this is FF in my case. I think also the google sidebar opens links in MSIE instead of FF. #
  • @installmehere just use twitter to twitter ;) #
  • @tp_da well the laptop is rather new... but first thing I did after having it online was install FF ;) #
  • "Can you please send me the link you sent me a while ago?" - I maybe could, if I knew what it was ;) #
  • @bobbes, nee, ein pc lap. der ff ist als standardbrowser installiert aber manche apps sind dickköpfig. der mac ist nur reserve. #
  • RIP Gary Gygax,why not tell YOUR roleplaying anecdote to honor his memory and creativity tinyurl.com/347nwz #
  • @agerads google desktop is great ;) (now you can even search stuff that you only temporarily plug in) #
  • @bobbes it has a swiss keyboard ;) I could not find the ß #
  • A spam tries to sell me an AAD. I never learn what it is except that you seem to need it for parachuting and that it is expesive ;) #
  • would the sponsors of barcampbodensee pls upload their logos? barcampbodensee.mixxt.eu/networks/wiki/index.sponsors 300px width pls #
  • @theuer at a barcamp EVERYBODY helps ;) #
  • wondering how I upload images into my mixxt-wiki #
  • if you want to actively help in the barcampbodensee orga team: send a "d" to oliverg #
  • @bobbes ich hab den mac für die kids damit gleich was vernünftiges lernen *räusper* #
  • if you use all this software there is no more time for work: tinyurl.com/2l46nf #

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S9y und sein Backend: Ni hao ma?

Manchmal fragt man sich schon, ob es sinnvoll ist, dem Admin die Messages in der Sprache des Bloglesers/Kommentators zuzusenden:


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Yesterday's Twits

  • @zeniscalm I also feel tired: rest-cold but enough sleep. must be the weather-change. snow predicted? #
  • greetings 2 the @e20summit rock the net ;) #
  • moving some feeds from the tag 'friends' tro 'contacts'. so it is: "blogroll >- friends -> conatcts -> top10-blogs" reading mor ... #
  • This is excellent -. Gunther "Wild Duck" Dueck (german): tinyurl.com/32k52n #
  • @axbecker das sind die ganzen wechsler von MyVZ ;) #
  • @frogpond yesss, let sell some y2k-proof intranets ;) #
  • Kaum ist cebit steigt dei zahl der für mich irrelevanter computerwoche-headlines von 90 auf 100 prozent #
  • @phogenkamp send pix ;) #
  • WTF: "Mindestens einer deiner Freunde hat diese Woche Geburtstag -- Besuche MySpace, um herauszufinden, wer das ist!" #
  • @jaffjouce I doubt that an average would say anytzhing cuase it seems to me that 99% of ppl do not use twitter actively. #
  • @jaffejuice tinyurl.com/2m2ebo has data for australia maybe if you ask... #

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Yesterday's Twits

  • ah, bc hamburg will be on the last weekebnd of october barcamp.org/FrontPage #
  • planning to be a CeBIT Saturday and Sunday. #
  • booked my rail ticket to cebit sat/sun. #
  • @frogpond well I COPULD go through the hassle re: a press ticket, I will check if that works easily #
  • OK it seems I cannot register for cebit as a journalist _electronically_. Oh well ;) #
  • guys FIRTST add your photo to yxour profile THEN add friends. not all remember your alst name... #
  • well at least those guys explain what their 3d world is for (NSFW): www.secretcity.de/erotik/& #
  • importing my myspace profile into mEgo #
  • anyone still care 4 myspace??? www.myspace.com/oliver_gassner #
  • cook like a jedi: tinyurl.com/35wxal #
  • ach DU bist BOSCH? #

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Yesterday's Twits

  • on the textification and indexation of a/v files on #barcampalsace5 #
  • back at my own laptop #barcampalsace5 #
  • @mediaocean if I ask this stuff about PCs I get the answer: "buy a mac." so: "buy a pc" ;) #
  • lotsa discussion @barcampalsace5 I just realize I can't follow THAT amount of french ;( now 3 sesssions in english ;) #
  • me @ upcoming: upcoming.yahoo.com/user/107346/ #
  • now both projecting kluster, twittering and liveblogging #

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Barcamp Alsace 5

Finally arrived, as my pc wonn t go online I am writing on a azerty=keyboard where everything is in the wrong place; merci Sacha :)

yesterday we had a warming up on a ship on the rhine, giving us a taste of how great a "Barcamp Rhine" would be. (Travelling from Basel to Rotterdam on a ship haveing sessions both on the ship and on the shore...)

After talking to some people i decided to do both my GTD=presentation and a presentation on Business Blogging in Germany = which seems rather unknown here where even business people rather have personal blogs.

we set up a guiding system and the coffe is slowly running through. it is 9:02 and the first campers are arriving in the Technopol=building in mulhouse;
the wind is going stong and on the way from room one to room 3 you run the danger of being blown away. i had to think of the quote from asterix und die normqnnen: "heute frischt es etwas mehr auf".

Now: Madeleines et pain au chocolat pur petit dejeuner == excellent :)

Well as soon as i have access to this mac again i'll update you :)
WLAN works for PCs now, too.

I was 'hazrdeux' and did a session on GTD / self management for FRENCH people, but t was received well ;) They have tasks lists that are longer than their days, too. but there seems no translation of GTD in French.

Parallels were drawn between GTD and extreme programming. I will have to have a look at that.

As to 'tools' you need to selfmanage I pointed to Marissa Mayer Vice President of Search Product and User Experience of Google who usess pine for mail and a text file as a task list.


We now have a session about 'kluster', a platform o creating ideas and products by Ben Kaufman, where you also can make money if you work on a project.

I discovered this some days ago when I was looking for 'prediction markets' online. (this is different and I prefer it but still have some idea of my own differing from kluster...)

The idea of kluster is to find ideas for big companies and sell it to them to the profit of all.

In KLUSTER projects are broken down into phases that have 'solutions (sparks), sparks can ave 'amps' (ways a spark is made better).

You are rewarded by 'watts'. A virtual currency.

If the project is successful and is sold the watts are converted into 'real dollars'.

So: creativity is rewarded.


We are just listening to the summary of the 2 hour "world cafe" we did on the future of barcamp alsace - which is suffering from a severe lack of visitors, today (only 20+ of 50+ signed up people came).
Some ideas: there were 5 barcamps in 2,5 years, there was too little PR, the database of BC3 was lost, "blogging is not enough", we need a snowball system to distribute the news, "people of bc 2 and 3 wanted to come back by 90%", are small camps better or big camps?

(will be updated.)

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Yesterday's Twits

  • 2 gifts via amazon in 3 days. I am obviously doing something right ;) #
  • still busy tagging where I registred, I suspect I catch 2/3rds ;) del.icio.us/OliverG/iregistred #
  • just had my first meaningful test chat via the gtalk chat widget, nice #
  • twitter is too slow for me to figure out if I already sent this: alle verdeinen lassen: www.yingiz.com/5030/ #
  • ok looks like I tagged most that I am a mwember of del.icio.us/OliverG/iregistred #
  • @gigold das dürfte zumidenst dei erste livegetwitterte Hochzeit sein ;) Congrats auch auf deisem Kanal. #

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