#vw0711: Stefan Sottner (mfg.de): The Creative Lab/ MFG Innovation Park "Baden-Wuerttemberg"

The Innovation Park is a test area for businesses and young creatives in Baden-Wuerttemberg to do projects in Web3.D.
Create a new cosncousness that something is happening in virtual worlds.
Studies show that virtual worlds will become more important in the future.
In 2011 80% of all net users will have a virtual avatar. (Gartner 2007)
In 2013 virtual businds will be as important as web business today. (Forrester 2008)

Number of logged in avatars is rising.

In 4 years 70%of all businesses will have their own virtual world. (Forrster, june 2008)

He is showing the virtual world radar by KZERO.

The digital natives between 8 and 15 years are intensievely using VWs. (OG: So this WILL be a market. We have to prepare for this.)

Why do the peoject in s
It is well known and programmable.
We'd chose SL again because the hype is over and you can work freely.
More than 20 partners used the free offer of the mfg.de.

A wide range of activities like briefings and tests have been happening.
A "beach cinema" is planned to show films. A mfg library is planned and a creativity contest. Further platforms will be tested.
mfg-Events about web3d:
29.10: serious games. (free event)
8.12: learning in virtual worlds. (day seminar)
sl contact: Avatar Heberle

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Stephen Baxter alias Stephan Sigloch (netformic): Einsatzfelder von Online-3D-Welten (Google Lifely, SL, Google Earth) #vw0711

This is the second talk of the Stuttgart-based "virtual world" event series.
The agency Netformic presents their SL-Projekts and some other Virtual World projects.

Web 3D ist die Kür des Leistungsspektrums einer Digitalagentur wie Netformic.

Case 1: Rene Staudt, Autophotograph mit Onlineshop (mit Bewertungsfunktion).

SL-Showroom mit Shopfunktion beantwortet die Frage: wie sieht der Kunstdruck an der Wand aus.
Auch SL-Bewohner haben sich fuer 1$ Digitalbilder gekauft. Der Realdruck kostet dann etwa 100 EUR.
300-400 Leute kamen vorselektiert dann auf den Shop.

Roland Veile stellt nun den virtuellen Marmorsaal mit Teehaus in SL vor.

SL umfasst aktuell die Flaeche des Grossraums Muenchen. Und hat eine neunmal hoehere Einwohnerdichte als Deutschland.

Das Teehaus war ein Projekt fuer die Stuttgart-Gruppe in SL, es gab bisher 700+ Besucher.
Jetzt sehen wir die verschiedenen Baustufen des Projekts.
Fuer Architekturprojekte waeren groessere Prims wuenschenswert.

Das Teehaus dient als Schaltzentrale zwischen diversen Sites und Locations zu Stuttgart und Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Stuttgart hat bereits 3D-Modelle fuer Google Earth vorbereitet. Die ganze Stadt soll so dargestellt werden. Man kann auch mit einem "Milktruck" durch die Straßen fahren.

Die Guggenheim-Foundation hatte bereits ein virtuelles Kunstmuseum geplant.

Stephan Sigloch zeigt als Anwendungsbeispiele Firmenbesprechungen in SL (mit Videoprodukton) und Google Lively (Web3D-Welt von Google, nur als Forschungsprojekt, nicht fuer Kundenpeojekte).

Tip: "Myrl" Verzeichnis von meinen Avataren in verschiedenen Welten.

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Robertino Pereira (Tobii): Eyetracking in Virtual worlds #vw0711

After giving us an overview over Tobii and possibilities and eye-tracking.
Advertising is only looked at 2-3 secs, it has to catch your attento before that.
90% of the info channeled to the brain is visual. Only 10-40 bits/sec of 11 Million bits/sec become conscious.
Now we are reminded of the physiology of the eye. You can consult the Wikipedua for this :)
The area of the image our eye sees is only really sharp in the area of one degree (3-4 letters in this text). The rest is illusion created by the brain and the re-fixating eye.
Only eye tracking can make sure that you know what your users will see. And: They won't read manuals.
You can record "gaze plots" and heatmaps and make sure that your customer has read an ad completely.

You can derive stats from that: How many have seen the product or read the slogan?

You can even show the glancepaths as a video.

Banner blindness was discovered this way.

Results are very different for the think-aloud and the retrospective (tacid) method.

Now some videos on eye-tracking in SL: Each avatar has another perspective. The measurement of the effectiveness of advertising is very difficult inthis diverse environment.
If you create special rooms and setups you can get a controllable environment for valid tracking results.
In in-game advertising threre is more experience with ad tracking. But in game people might not be open enough for advertising.

Research projects have been started in this area.

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Blogopen.eu in Bor, Videoimpressionen

(deutsch unten)

Femgerila is a Blogger from Mazedona, weher the blogosphere (and the counry) is small and almost everybody knows who is ghiding behind a Nick. She is blogging about Geneder studies and criticizes the rising nationalism in Macedonia. She is heavily attacked from the 'right' because of that. She is on one of the photos, the blonde woman on the very right of one of the panels.

video via femgerila - Back from Bor


Femgerila ist auch in einem der Fotos zu sehen, die blonde Dame ganz rechts. Sie befasst sich mit Gender Studies (z.B. auch männl. Körperdarstellung) und bloggt gegen die nationalistischen Tendenzen in mazedonien, die recht absurde Dimensionen annehmen (Ihr wusstet sicher, dass die Schrift in Mazedonien erfunden wurde?

Sie ist deswegen massivem Mobbing im Bog und auch direkten Kontakten mit ihren, ehm, "Fans" von rechts ausgesetzt.

Andeerseits sagte sie: "Wer wir drei (also noch 2 andere Bloggerinnen aus Mazedonien) wollen, dann haben wir ein Thema übermorgen auf Seite 1 der Zeitungen."

Obwhl in mazedonien fast jede/r unter Pseudonym bloggt, ist das Land so klein dass "jeder sowieso weiß, wer das ist". dass in Kommentaren auf solceh intimen Kenntnisse ("dein siebenjähriger Sohn...") angespielt wird, kommt vor.


BlogOpen 2008 in Bor, Serbia - In den Schluchten des Balkan

Serbian Breakfast: Rolls, Egg with ham and (salty) cheese, yogurt and Vitamin Juice. With that there is Turkish coffee (with the ground coffee still in the bottom of the cup).
We are here in a hotel which is said to be 100 years old a former socialist workers recreation thingy. The food of the catering and in the hotel is excellent and ample.
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The conference itself seems to be rather Mediterranean/Balkanic in the sense that the time plan is only a general suggestion. All people (there are mainly Serbs, extremely few Croats and several Macedonians) are very nice and interested in discussing differences, time lags of the development here (there is hardly not much DSL or Wifi). Bloggers are rather influential, Croatia had a blogger explosion (500.000) because a TV station bought http://blog.hr and promoted it. The blogosphere seems to be dominated by teachers (even a principal), freelancerd and academics. Serbia has roughly 20.000 bloggers (pls correct me if I got this wrong.)
Mobbing seems to be common in the Blogosphere in Macedonia, where critical and modernistic bloggers come in conflict with the more nationalistic circles.
Ebusiness is only developing (people buy little online) and online marketing is on the rise. There are no (well known) business blogs in the region. Of course freelancers blog about their business and do that rather professionally. Pseudonyms are common both for legal and conceptual reasons (cyberidentity). Even if in smaller blogospheres like in Macedonia you might also encounter comments on your doorstep because everybody knows everybody

The conference has an extremely high attendance by women, subjectively they are even the larger number.

The topics are: a little book that collects blog essays from the region (= former Yugoslavia), an initiative for bone marrow donation (blog action), a local community system, Basic Wordpress, blog literature, state interference with the cyberspace.
Robert Basic and I have been asked to talk about Blog Monetization and have also talked about possible organization and ethics of the international blogosphere.

Aggressiveness and the wish to be distant is rather to be localized in those parts of former Yugoslavia that have separated from Serbia. Language issues are complex between the different groups that also use different alphabets to sometimes transcribe extremely similar variants.

As a summary: Blogs are surprising political and relevant for the society and ebusiness is on the rise on the Balkan.

I'll be back.

A blogroll of some of the present bloggers (moszt blog in Serbocroatic, Macedonian etc..):

Bor-grad INFO

Eniac`s Ground




Veza blog

Sasvim obična priča




Bor-grad INFO

Basic Thinking blog


Darko Lađević

Dragan Varagić

Oliver Gassner

miff blog

Škola bez zidova

The nice People of #BlogOpen

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Weblogs and the World Revolution (BlogOpen, Bor Serbia)

OK, The slides don't say a lot. I am planning to elaborate on some aspects of the presentation later. The beginning and end were mainly done by me, the middle part is a keyword summary that Robert and I did accompanying a double session at Barcamp Stuttgart, September 2008. The last part is the English version of a party of a presentation I did for Convention Camp, Hannover on Oct 2nd 2008.

This presentation was held on Oct 4th 2008 on BlogOpen, a Blogger Conference in and for the Balcans.


Carpe.com Blogworkshop mit Oliver Gassner in München am 9.10.2008

Bitte hier lang: XING - Termine.

Abgelaufen: Und neu: Es gibt 3 Freiplätze zu gewinnen.

Was dafür notwendig ist:
* vom eigenen Blog oder Webseite einen Link auf den Termin (s.o.) setzen
* hier kommentieren, dass und wo man das getan hat.

Wer dies bis heute (Di, 7.10. 2009) um Mitternacht tut, erhält morgen im Lauf des Tages Bescheid, WENN er/sie/es gewonnen hat.

Airport Forum, Frankfurt

... A touch of Second Life :)

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Tschuess Hannover, I'll be back. #cch08 #cch09

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Ingo Stoll eroeffnet das Convention Camp #cch08

CCH08 ist ein Crossover zwischen Kongress und Barcamp. Impuls kam vom Barcamp Hannover (Nicole Männl und co). Kooperationspartner ist das Institut fuer Management und Wirtschaft (o.ae.). Die beiden Szenen sollen zusammengefuehrt werden.

Dank geht auch an die Sponsoren und Medienpartner.

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Prof. Klaus-Peter Wiedmann: Vernetzung zwischen Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft

Vernetzung zwischen Netzszene und Uni ist wichtig, deswegen ist das Barcampformat ideal. Studis sollen in Startups und jungen Firmen mitarbeiten.

Projekt: 1000 Leute aus 100 Laendern schreiben ein Buch zusammen. "Wissenschaftscampus/Future Internet".

Sein Institut heisst "Marketing /Management".

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Live Webcam im Foyer von w3design #cch08

Nebenan ist BILD Hannover, koennte man nicht da lieber....

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"oliver gassner" - Google Search von 2001

Summary: The 5000+ Hits my name has in the Google Index of 2001 shows what I was doing before that: Mainly Usenet and Web-Literature.


....na, immerhin 5000+ Hits schon ;)

"oliver gassner" - Google Search

Man sieht dass ich damals (bzw an sich zuvor) noch recht stark auf Usenet und Literatur ausgerichtet war.

// Bloggen vom Bahnhof.

Reiseplan Oktober I

My travel plans for the next days.

* Heute Flieger Stuttgart-Hannover, Vortreffen Convention Camp

* 2.10. Convention Camp (Keynote abliefern)

* 3. 10. Frankfurt-Bor (Serbien) mit Robert Basic

* 4.+5.10: BlogOpen, in Bor, Serbien (2 Präsis mit Robert abliefern)

* 6.10.: Flieger Belgrad - Frankfurt und heim.

* (7.10. Virtual-World event in Stuttgart moderieren, nachmittags)

* 8.10. Nach München, Wbendevent, auf Podium (siehe Blog hier)

* 9.10. wenn alles kallp: Blogseminar in München (Anmeldung/Fragen: og @ carpe.com)

* 10.10.: chillen (aber gern auch mit Freunden / Kunden ;) ) und abends Barcamp Startparty

* 11.-12.10.: Barcamp München

* 13.-14.10.: do-it-Kongress Stuttgart

* 15.10. Äääähhhhh. Ja.