Yesterday's Twits

  • "who says I am not insane" says @scobleizer #
  • @oliver_wwb another 2.-3 months and you'll look older than I am ;) #
  • my google talk does not show my buddy list. what happened? #
  • argh I only have 34 google mail contacs left. has soocial been thos? #
  • is anyone going to @re08 by car from stuttgart or Karlsruhe or Frankfurt or so? #re08 #
  • Wow, the serup at (=friendfeed on speed) is super-cool ;) #
  • @humpaaa I would not know how drunk U were yesterday ;) if YOU can't remember ;) (no, soocial obviously deleted 4000 of my contacts...) #
  • @smn was that soocial that deleted all my google mail contacts? ;( #
  • @signal77 just DON'T do the google thing in soocial ;) #
  • @larshinrichs that is 'cause everyone besides you remembers the intl. dial code for the US *duck* *cover* *run* #
  • Reader-generated agenda-setting You decide what I blog about: #
  • @saschalobo soll @sichelputzer etwa im heimatland das Copyright brechen? Neee ;) Alaaf! #
  • @larshinrichs I was *kidding* ;) I just the the US ppl assume everyone knows what to dial for the US. (I had Germans trying to dial +49 ;) ) #
  • @signal77 he blogged about it. he prob was also that I was in the middle of a mail server change and had to delete 15000 spams (!) #
  • @signal77 I assume te backup they sent me was there. But a backup should be a backup... and not simply an e-mail... #
  • at least the bug message page of is funny (try to login ;) ) #
  • what german 2.0 founders make per month: #

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