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I am oliverg on Twitter and Twitter-spam is getting on my nerves.

*I usually do NOT follow back I already follow more than 2000 ppl and want to go back below 1000
* if you follow @olivergassner that account has autofollow on yond you can reach me via DM

Twitter-Spam is why I put down some rules that I intend to follow.

* I don't autofollow.

* I will usually NOT follow you, if you follow me, because there are just too many following-messages every day. I am following you if, on my profile you see the option to "message" me.

* Sending me an @-message (that has real content besides 'Hi, I am here') increases the probability of me following you;)

* If I feel that your tweets are not interesting to me, I might unfollow again (I am followed by 3000+ as of July 2009 and keep losing track of tweets by _real_ friends ;) ) If you feel I should: Send an @-Message to me. I read those even for accounts I do not follow (if I did not block you ;) ).

* I might unfollow or block manually in some of the following cases:

* If you follow me and if you follow 2-3 times as many people that follow you, chances are high that I will block you. Blocking means that Twitter is notifies that I deem your contact spam.

* I also might unfollow if you unfollow me and if I don't think that your tweets are interesting for me. (I follow 200+ people who do not follow me as of July 2009. I plan not to raise that number ;) )

* I might unfollow you if you do not tweet for 6 weeks or so.

* If you have no other way of communicating with me (cause I blocked you), try commenting in this article or use one of the contact methods in the sidebar and point to your Twitter account and explain why I blocked you mistakenly or why you would want to communicate with me.

* Same is true if you have questions: Comment or contact me.

* Abusive comments will be deleted.

* I might update this occasionally, It is usually linked from my twitter profile.

Why do I act this way?

* I get lots of follower e-mails a day. Many are from people who obvioulsly want to spread their messages and therefore follow thousands of users - they are followed back by some and spam those. But the time I need to separate the 'real' followers from those spammers is wasted. I consider those mails spam as they only seek attention without the will to give attention.

* I think that the net is giving and taking. Spammers disturb this symmetry. I think following thousands of people just to lure some into following back is damaging Twitter and stealing the time of those who have to weed through all those follower-messages via e-mail.

- Updated March & May & July 2009
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