Toluu: RSS-Matchmaking - You can get an invite

OK, I just imported a gazillion of my Google reader RSS-Feeds into Toluu. which is a 'matchmaker' and 'rss-finder' based on your OPML data.

If you have a hard time understanding this, lemme say it this way:

You tell Toluu what blogs you read, it tells you who is like you and gives you hints on what other blogs to read.

I am: Toluu : oliverg


If you want ONE of the THREE invites I have: Please comment (and leaver your Mail-Adress in the respctive form field) AND tell us in the comment why Toluu is superfluous or why it is the Friendfeed-killer. Or if there is anything even better than Toluu.

In 24 hours or so I'll pick the winners. Quality counts, not speed ;)

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