"How do I insert an Amazon-Link into a blog article?" (Basic Blogging)

If you want to link to a book, CD oder DVD at Amazon:

- Go to the Amazon page of the product you wanna link

- use Ctrl-c / Strg-c (in german keyboards) to copy the adress of the page (but copy only to the place where there isthe FIRST long number enclosed by / and /




then go to the backend of your blog, go to the posting you want to enter the Link to

If you are in WYSIWG-Mode:

- use the mouse to mark the text, that you want to be a link

- Klick the Link-Button above the text editing window (sometimes this is symbolized by two links of a chan, looks like a lying 8 )

- a small form opens that asks you for a URL

- use STRG-V to paste the url from Amazon

- say ok to all that follows

- voila, save the post again (sometmes this is called Publish or re-publish)

If you are in HTML-Mode

go to the text that you want to be a link and write

<a href="http://www.amazon.de/gp/product/0747599874/">Text that you want to be the link</a>

(of yourse you use strg-V again to enter the link-url, NEVER type link-URLs like that

So, what is your question about "Basic Blogging"?

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