Talking to Issac I: Skypeing with Ghana -- again.

Well, I had these weird conversation with a Skype-based Ghana "Nigeria spammer" who wanted to do business with me, but I lost him (I am lnking to the old "interviews" below. Now soemone else contacted me. Isaac.

The first talk was rater 'innocent' but in the second one I get officially "cursed" and offer money to releive the curse - and get an address. ('ll link II in a minute)


Isaac Amponsah: Helllo, How are you doing and everythings in general with you?
Oliver Gassner: Ah, ahve we talked?
Isaac Amponsah: Oh okay nice. Isaac Amponsah: How are you doing today?
Oliver Gassner: Fine thanks
Isaac Amponsah: Thats good.
Oliver Gassner: Have we talked before?
Isaac Amponsah: My name is Isaac and am boy and i am calling from Ghana in the western part of africa and am studen and what about you? [Tries to call me, I hang up.]
Oliver Gassner: audio is not good
Isaac Amponsah: Hi are you still there?
Oliver Gassner: Have we talked before? Some time ago I talked to a person from Ghana who was doing business transactions.
Oliver Gassner: I am here, I cannot talk. just type. You could try to react to what I ask you ;)
Isaac Amponsah: Oh know is not me but i also meet some one too with him at lake bosomtwe with my friend Giada
Oliver Gassner: is this too hard for you?
Isaac Amponsah: So you have been here before. (handshake)Nice to meet you and also am happy to have you as my new friend
Oliver Gassner: okm, obvously you are someon else.
Isaac Amponsah: Oh yes i see. But am pleasing you to be my new friend
Oliver Gassner: Friend?
Isaac Amponsah: Yes
Isaac Amponsah: and also what work do you do for living and how oldare you?
Oliver Gassner: you are a strange person do you know that?
Isaac Amponsah: Oh yes
Oliver Gassner: Here in europe if you meet someione you don't ask them stuff you interoduce yourself first.
Isaac Amponsah: Okay
Oliver Gassner: I can coach you to communicate better. Will you pay me for that?
Isaac Amponsah: My name is Isaac and i am boy liiving with my grandmum and i am student but now i am home
Oliver Gassner: And how old are you?
Isaac Amponsah: and i am 16years old and i want to be your friend but i will like you to be carefullwith the Ghanaians becuase they are very scammers
Oliver Gassner: I got as much. I was interviewving the other guy, he was a scapmmer but he was very eager to explain things to me.
Oliver Gassner: I have some interviews with him on my blog, wanna read?
Isaac Amponsah: (handshake)becuase some of the boys here doing that have buy cars and houses
Isaac Amponsah: Oh yes
Oliver Gassner: http://blog.oliver-gassner.de/archives/3257-Interview-with-a-Nigeria-Spammer.html
Isaac Amponsah: And i hope you should be careful yourself
Oliver Gassner: http://blog.oliver-gassner.de/archives/3258-Interview-with-a-Nigeria-Spammer-Part-II.html
Isaac Amponsah: so when have you plain to be here again
Oliver Gassner: I am so careful you could not imagine.
Isaac Amponsah: okay thats sound good . so when have you plain to be here again
Oliver Gassner: OK, gotta go, dinner. Talk to you in 2hrs ;)
Oliver Gassner: I hae never been in Ghana.
Isaac Amponsah: OH OKAY
Isaac Amponsah: Meet you soon byee and have nice chat and nice day

To be continued

The interviews as always are only minimally edited. I removed some of my spelling erors, inserted 'pauses' and in rare curcumstances changed the sequence of lines to show zhe logic of the conversation when chatlines were 'crossing'.

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