How I got my #ingress invite

Hintergrund: Ingress ist ein neues 'Augmented Reality' Spiel von Google, das mit Android Smartphones in der 'Echten Welt' gespielt wird. Aktuell ist es schwer, eine Einladung zu bekommen.
Da untenstehender Tipp international interessnat ist, poste ich ihn auf Englisch.

The official way is this:
How do I get an invite? - Ingress Help.
It did not work for me ;)

I realized that two Googlers and Ingress/ Niantic people were giving out invites for people who showed some creativity in presenting the Ingress-Logo.

Now I am a total failiure if it comes to visual creativity. I thought about creatng the Ingress-Logo with sticks in grass or with ballpoint pens on my floor.

As I was too lazy to get up, As I had an even better idea I did this /this is attempt #2 but posting #1):

I put this in a post, tagging it with #ingress and mentioning +Jen Hsieh and +Brandon Badger, who were the ppl giving out accounts.

It took less than 30 Minutes to get the account. ;)

By now I also created a "Enlighened Bodensee Ingress"-Page on G+-


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