Information Overflow & Chilitweets (=1 Teil der Lösung ;) 9 - links for 2010-10-16

  • "Do you often miss the important stuff in your timeline?


    You are following too many users and it is impossible to read all those tweets? Then Chilitweets is a Twitter application that fits your needs. Chilitweets finds and aggregates the most important links in your Twitter timeline. The more users you follow the better.

    Link selection
    With our algorithms we are able to detect which links are really important for you. We also provide like and dislike buttons in order to optimize the results over time.

    Tweet aggregation
    To each individual link you can see all users who tweeted it.

    To choose how many links you want to reed just drag a simple slider. Isn't it easy?

    Atom feed
    Subscribe to the feed, use your custom feed reader and we will inform you when new links are available.

    Instant retweet and favorite
    Within Chilitweets you can directly retweet or favorite all nice tweets you discover"

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