10 things to do when you start using twitter.com

1 Add your Blog/site URL to your profile so that people can figure out who you are

2 Add your standard community pic to your profile so that people recognize you

3 If you plan to have many international followers, twitter in English

4 Twitter some interesting information

5 Twitter more interesting information

6 Search the blogs of people you know well for their twitter ID and follow them (twitter some interesting stuff in between so that they don't come to an almost empty page)

7 Use https://twitter.com/invitations/ to find people who are on twitter and who you already know - follow them, too.

8 Twitter some more good or funny info while you wait for them to follow you

9 look at their profiles and find more people there who are interesting or who you already know, follow them

10 use @NICKNAME to answer to twits by your peers and answer questions and be helpful

After you did that tell me here in the comments how that worked ;)

If you'd like some hints for advanced twitterers: also tell me in the comments.

If yoou have hints of your own that you wanna share: The comments are yours ;)

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