Interview with a Nigeria-Spammer Part II

See also Part I: Interview with a Nigeria-Spammer

In Part II L. and I talk about how it would work if I woked with him, something he had offered me at the end of talk I.
In the end I 'come out' as a journalist and feared that he'd stop talking to me. But he likes the idea and wants to continue our conversation.

The chat transcript is again 100% un-edited. I promised a friend to provide an edited and German version of this later.

Part II

[20:45:53] Oliver Gassner : How would you work with a partner?
[20:47:27] l***s : u look for people there for me we share 50/50
[20:51:15] Oliver Gassner : I am wondering: Why would you not be cautious about the police?
[20:51:24] Oliver Gassner : You seemed pretty relaxed
[20:51:40] l***s : yes
[20:51:46] Oliver Gassner : How come?
[20:51:58] l***s : because your police can't come here
[20:52:21] Oliver Gassner : Well, yours can, right?
[20:52:24] l***s : my police will only collect a few dollars from me when they get me
[20:52:33] l***s : but no one can trace me
[20:52:36] Oliver Gassner : So you bribe them?
[20:52:49] l***s : yes
[20:52:52] Oliver Gassner : Can't they trace the money?
[20:53:04] l***s : they are involve in this revenge
[20:53:21] l***s : how they can't
[20:53:49] Oliver Gassner : Is the money not sent to you via a bank transfer? Or how do you get it?
[20:54:01] l***s : i was paid 30,000 yesterday
[20:54:08] l***s : western union
[20:54:23] l***s : 10 ,10 ,10
[20:54:30] l***s : i receive all
[20:55:04] l***s : i receive some by bank
[20:55:17] l***s : but the bank manager knows what i am doing
[20:55:36] l***s : i always give them 20% of everything i receive
[20:56:07] l***s : it's a glober netwrok thing
[20:56:28] l***s : i even have guys in your country that i can connet to u
[20:56:39] l***s : we are every where
[20:57:04] Oliver Gassner : You sure send a lot of mail ;) -- Is it a kind of MLM-Structure with tiers? Do you have a 'boss'? Or a 'downline'?
[20:57:32] l***s : yes
[20:58:19] Oliver Gassner : So your boss also gets a share?
[20:59:47] l***s : i am my own boss i only have co workers all around the world
[21:00:01] l***s : its an organised thing
[21:00:14] Oliver Gassner : Lat time you made the impression of a 'postcolonial Robin Hood', does anyone else besides the bank and the police profit from the money? Do you do any good with it?
[21:01:01] l***s : yes
[21:01:12] Oliver Gassner : Like?
[21:01:14] l***s : i use it to help my family
[21:01:23] l***s : give to orphans
[21:01:30] l***s : and the poor
[21:01:44] Oliver Gassner : I imagine AIDS is also a big problem.
[21:03:41] l***s : thats not what we are talking about now
[21:03:56] l***s : do u wish to work with me?
[21:05:35] Oliver Gassner : Well it seems that it is much harder here to keep the bank and the polife under control.
[21:05:41] Oliver Gassner : police
[21:05:57] l***s : thats no problem
[21:06:08] l***s : u will not be fully involve
[21:06:19] l***s : i can tell u your role
[21:06:27] Oliver Gassner : OK?
[21:06:58] l***s : so do u wish we work together?
[21:07:39] Oliver Gassner : Well it would have to be without risk for me or my family. So I cannot really say 'yes' without having the details. I'd rather stay out of this I guess.
[21:07:59] Oliver Gassner : I am more interested in understanding why you do what you do.
[21:08:06] l***s : i will tel u what to do
[21:08:17] Oliver Gassner : *Listening*
[21:08:19] l***s : no risk on ur end
[21:08:27] Oliver Gassner : How can that be?
[21:09:08] l***s : you will just be like a trustee
[21:09:24] Oliver Gassner : So the money goes through my account?
[21:09:53] l***s : if u want it can be but that will put u in truble
[21:10:16] Oliver Gassner : So how am I a trustee then?
[21:10:18] l***s : the money comes here i send your share to your account
[21:10:43] l***s : you ob will be to tell any one i contact to u that this is true
[21:10:44] Oliver Gassner : And what would I have to do for that?
[21:10:47] l***s : thats all
[21:11:38] l***s : u let them know that u have met with me and i show u everything
[21:11:56] l***s : your only problem is that u do not have money to finance it
[21:12:17] Oliver Gassner : Who them? Finance what?
[21:12:39] Oliver Gassner : Ah, ok so I would claim I am in contact with you and that I need the money t finance the transaction?
[21:12:41] l***s : finance the transaction
[21:13:11] Oliver Gassner : OK, I understand. But this way they know who I am.
[21:13:15] l***s : any body that fall into this in your country i will ask them to contact u
[21:13:27] l***s : yes
[21:13:41] l***s : but u will not be involved
[21:14:00] Oliver Gassner : Ehm? If they cvontact me I am not involved?
[21:14:05] l***s : it will look like if i also trick u
[21:14:42] Oliver Gassner : Hm, but if the third person goes to the police... and if the police checks my bank account...
[21:14:50] Oliver Gassner : I will have to think about this I guess.
[21:15:12] l***s : no money will pass your bank account
[21:15:26] l***s : i know what to do and how to do it
[21:15:41] Oliver Gassner : But if you opay me money from Africa will reach me. Suspicious. There is no real bank secret here.
[21:15:44] l***s : there will be no trace that will put u in truble
[21:15:47] Oliver Gassner : As my ancestors did not suffer from slavery I might wanna try honest work ;)
[21:16:02] l***s : i will pay trough western union
[21:16:10] l***s : there is no trace for that
[21:16:32] l***s : what do u do for a living now
[21:16:35] l***s : ?
[21:16:50] Oliver Gassner : But to receive money from WU I will have to give them my ID-Number from my state IDCard.
[21:17:02] Oliver Gassner : Journalism and communication consulting.
[21:17:17] l***s : wow
[21:17:40] l***s : so u are trying to get some information from me so that you can write about it
[21:17:47] l***s : thats very good
[21:17:51] l***s : i like that
[21:18:12] Oliver Gassner : You should try it. It's better than having to bribe the bak and the police ;)
[21:18:24] Oliver Gassner : I am glad you appreciate my strategy ;)
[21:18:49] Oliver Gassner : So you don't mind if I use the information I gained from you?
[21:19:27] l***s : its ok
[21:19:39] l***s : if u want more i can give
[21:19:47] Oliver Gassner : I am glad. I must say I was hesitant to be too open with you ;)
[21:19:57] l***s : but that will not help your people from falling into this
[21:20:31] Oliver Gassner : I have to stop for today. But if you'd approve me as a Skype-Contact I could see if you are online and ping you to continue our talk ;)
[21:20:50] l***s : it's like a purnishment for greedy people and also for slavery and those that have sin against their creator
[21:21:04] Oliver Gassner : I am sure it does not stop the greedy, but it will be extremely interesting for the ones who like insights into the 'real world'. :=
[21:21:15] l***s : i am always online
[21:21:21] l***s : i will not add you
[21:21:28] l***s : anytime u beep me
[21:21:34] Oliver Gassner : :) OK, need to stop for today, but I'd be glad to continue with this conversation.
[21:21:37] Oliver Gassner : OK ;)
[21:21:38] l***s : i am online 24 hrs
[21:21:50] l***s : ok bye my good friend
[21:21:52] Oliver Gassner : CU and good nigt ;)

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