Solidarität mit Judith Miller

Das mach ich morgen als erstes, denn Informantenschutz ist wesentlich für die Arbeit jedes Journalisten:

/4 August 2005/

Dear Colleagues,

The U.S. journalists’ union The Newspaper Guild is asking journalists to send postcards to jailed /New York Times /reporter Judith Miller. She has spent more than three weeks in jail for refusing to reveal her confidential source in an investigation about the disclosure of the name of a covert CIA agent.

She could remain there until October when the grand jury investigation into who leaked the name of the agent will be over. The Guild is asking that journalists send Judith Miller the postcards with messages of solidarity with her decision to protect her source.

Please do what you canto support Judith Miller’s stand on this vital issue.

Her address is:

Attn: Judith Miller

Inmate No.45570083

Alexandria Detention Center

2001 Mill Road



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