Blogroll: Business-Blogs

We have a definition problem here: What is a business blog, waht a corporate blog, what a general blog about a business topic?

I'll try to use this definition:

If a blog serves to show or promote the competence of it's (knowledge-working) blogger(s) regarding a certain field of expertise or the quality and usenfuless of their products or services, then it is a business blog; no matter if it is in a corporate context or written by a freelancer. So it is a means of customer- and peer-communication. Or call it: PR.

If it 'just' collects and comments items from a certain area of business (in which the blogger may or may not be active), it's "just" a blog with a business topic. If it is a blog a person tries to make a living from, it IS a business, but not in my definition a business-blog.

You will find other business blogs in other blogrolls.

* bwblogs (some of them)

* journalists

* advertising

* writers (mostly German)

* I have unpubished blogrolls of 'a-blogs' that needs more work and contains some business-oid pages and of one roll 'Internet'-Blogs that are often run by IT-freelancers but also contain normal news-feeds.

Suggestions are welcome, please post them to the comments.

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