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Wem die Inhalte hier und bei oder gefallen und wer danke sagen mag, der klickt hier:

Einige der Bücher sind für Frau und Kinder; aber das ist mehr als OK ;)


If you like the content here or at and if you wanna say 'thanks', just click:

Some of the books are for my kids or my wife; but that's fine ;)


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  1. hey meine amazon wish list sollte cih doch auch mal einfügen

  2. You can put your Amazon wishlist on your blog by going to:

    It is free and you just need to copy some javascript into your blog template. It is highly customisable with CSS.

  3. REPLY:
    I added it at the right after the delicious tags, but it does not seem to show.

  4. Hallo Oliver,

    It had for some reason cached a bad copy of your wishlist. I don't know why. Anyway, it is now working and the wish list is appearing on your page properly.

    Out of interest, you are the first person to use the plugin. Historical rights go to you!

    You can also change the style too now easily. I have entered four new styles to select from.

    Let me know if you have any further problems.




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