Google News, Google Adwords, same company, different rules?

Heiko Hebig writes about 'Nationalzeitung' being included in the Google News digest:

I think it's good that Google News is including sources from a wide spectrum. Nationalzeitung is available for sale on many German newsstands. It's not an illegal or indexed publication.

Google News might contain crap. So what? by Heiko Hebig |

Well, that might be. But on the other hand Google is excluding webpages with 'controversial content' from its AdSense program.

It seems OK to make money with controversial content, as long as it is Google who makes the money and not the provider of the controversial content. (How exactly does Google News make money? They have no ads there - not even if you search the news. Are they just attracting eyeballs or solidifying their brand?)

Cause of course the advertisers don't want to see their ads on the pages of right wing (or maybe left wing or whatever) activists. But it seems ok to take the texts away from these opinion groups and put them on the 'well balanced' Google page. Uh huh.

Does Google also have a 'balance' ranking to make sure that all its news-pages and search results are politically, religiously etc. balanced? That would be an interesting formula for once.

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