Can I have that bread for free?

Funny world.

"Herder GmbH" , a christian publisher who makes a printed family mag would like to print one of my photos for free. It's a portrait of Miriam Pressler, a German children's book writer. They found the pic on a Swiss website which used it without asking me. (At least they mentioned - but not linked - my homepage. How kind. Really.)

My lawyer says that a Swiss lawyer - who might have a chance to get my money - charges 250 EUR an hour. In advance. If the guys were in germany they 'd have a decent bill by now. (Lawyer says: Normal charge, doubled.)

The christian mag won't even pay me with a free subscription, they are 'operating on a low budget'.

I will try that approach when I am at the baker's next time.

'I am operating on a low budhget. People want my work for free or steal it. Can I have that bread for free? Or will you look away while I just grab it and run?'

BTW: I am publishing my stuff under Open Publication License, v1.0 or later. But as soon as the license is not attached to the work, I feel *totally* free to charge for it.

Should I not? (They violated that license at several points.)

What I should is update to a CC-License ;-)

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