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An e-mail that went out to my mailinglist for bloggers on my community blog "war-scan".

Hi war-scanners,

is anyone still interested in war-scan-ning?

I got a little frustrated with this blog, as I seemed the onyl person

still devoting time to it.

The main Idea of was

* put together a team of nationally, ethnically and religiously

diferent persons from all around the globe

* blog local and othert events in context with Iraq, war against

terror etc.

I still think that this was and is a good idea and as war-scan ist

very well linked we could gain some google attention. (If activities

rise I will also put together a RSS/atom-feed.)


* who could devote 5 minutes a week to this?

* who would try to get some more bloggers from all around the world?

* who has got other ideas how to boost the blog?

One idea would be to hand out small 'task sections' (like watching

certain blogs, blogging books about our topics, watching one country

or topic etc.)

Well? ;)

PS: After 11M the usage went WAY up again:

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