Ebay, invoice, e-mail and fax.

Maybe I should rename this to rant-blog.

What kinda day is this.

First a guy who is selling me a flash on Ebay tells me he has no 'invoice' forms and is just a private person, so he cannot send me a bill. Hey, a bill is just a piece of paper saying: "Pay me!" As soon as you are 16 or 18 you can write bills. No form required. Not even a signature. Just a piece of paper and something to make it dirty... (OK, in german after June or JUly you also need to number your bills "sequentially" and "uniquely". Nobody agrees on what exactly that means.)

Then the boss of an educational facility I work for tells me, she does not open e-mails any more, cause she is flooded by them. I hinted at the fact that she will not solve the problem by not opening them.

OK, I noted down her fax-number.

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