I finally figured out how to connect my mobile (S55) to my computer. The Siemens Software still refuses to connect me but I can access the virtual folder "Mobile" via the Workplace.

So my mobile is a 'semantic jukebox' now.

'Known' people ring with 'Star Trek' (association: "mission").

Family rings with 'Addams Family'

'Friends' ring with 'Bonanza' (association: solidarity)

'Office', which I use as a synonym for 'Organization' rings with 'Twin Peaks' (association: FBI) - those are often numbers that I call, not people who call me.

'VIP' rings with 'Impossible Mission' (this should be rare ;) )

'Leisure time' rings with 'Bright side of life' (I am not sure I have ppl. on my phone that I associate with that and who are not 'friends'.)

'Private' rings with 'Casablaca'. (association: love, closeness)

'Business' (i.e. customers) ring with the melody of 'Dallas'.

'Received' (i.e. transferred from Palm via IR) ring with 'Let it be' (association: virgin reception, Mother Mary), actually this category should also be empty.

'Unknown' people ring with 'Bright Side of Life', as it starts out not so loudly ;)

Now I only need to categorize people ;-)

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