Old media hypocrisy in the war on blogging

Duncan Riley im 'Blog Herald': Old media hypocrisy in the war on blogging

After threatening for so long to launch an attack on bloggers and blogging, old media has formally launched its attack on blogging this week following the forced resignation of Eason Jordon from CNN.

I would note that I prefer the use of the term “old media” (OM), although mainstream media, or MSM, is the common term being used in blogs currently. I personally differentiate OM from MSM, as not everyone in MSM is anti-blogging (indeed many MSM’s now have their own blogs), but in OM blog bashing has become endemic.

The new war was strangely launched from France, a country better known for fleeing from conflict rather than provoking war, aside from a small period in the earlier part of the 19th century, by Bertrand Pecquerie, a director for the World Association of Newspapers, who accused bloggers of McCarthyism.

McCarthy-Hexenjagd von Bloggern und Krieg ist jetzt also zwischen den 'Alten Medien' (also nichtbloggenden Mainstream Media, wie Riley es definiert).

Na, wenn seien Fehleinschätzung nicht mal so schief ist, wie sein Frankreichbild, das sich offenbar nur vom Irakkonflikt her speist.

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