Blogs and SEO: generic keywords or what?

We'll examine the search for the two word phrase "business world" without the quotes.

On Google, [] ranks #8 out of an incredibly mind boggling 158,000,000 returns. You read that correctly. 158 million search results.
writes Wayne Hurlbert and WebProWorld: Blogs Equal SEO Power In Searches">mentions that he follows the World Bank and the BBC on the page.

Now: Is this relevant? Is this what a 'customer' would look for? What kinda customer would? If what the bologs 'sells' waht the customer wants to buy?

OK, some might find it, bookmark it and maybe come back to it occasionally.

If someone wants business consulting from someone not too far away they might enter 'business consulting' and the name of their state or city. If they want to get consulted on business blogging, they might do the same. If they want to read fresh information about the business world they might rather enter their field of experience. If you don't have those keywords: Bye bye ranking.

I myself have a #3 position for the German word 'Literatur' at Google (not for my blog) and many visitors find my site that way. Some might bookmark it or rather check it occasionally for information on their field of interest. If I can offer that (and they wanna buy a book from Amazon) I 'sell'. If not: I won't profit from the ranking. I will profit if people combine the searchword with a more relevant term I have information on. And that I think is the real value of blogs:

You won't only get position for your major keywords but for everything you talk about: real concepts, real and new topics. Not only your boilerplate keywords that describe your business in general.

If you really make your blog the mirror of what your read and think each day - you will havest what you bring out: People with those topics in mind will find you. If found it possible to reach "Google Page 1" with well written articles that adress current discussions and that other bloggers find interesting enough to link to.

Some topics, some comments on other blogs and some trackbacks will bring you a 'long tail' of visitors for weeks and months to come.

[via WebProWorld: Blogs Equal SEO Power In Searches]

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