Forget Pagerank - An Experiment

I just did a little experiment:

* Checked the Pagerank of a page that is - as I suspect - affilliated with a PR-Optimizer.

* It was 7/10. (Wow.)

* I took 4 "relevant" keywords (not changing their sequence) from that page (it was a link directory) and entered it into Google.

* First result was a Yahoo! directory page (chapeau, Google ;-) )

* I checked the PR of the Yahoo! page.

* It was 5/10.

* Oops!

If you want to have the details you will have to use e-mail; bm(a) - as I do not wish to come into legal conflict with the unnamed SEO.

Or you just do a little experiment of your own ;)

I can disclose:

* My Google-Search was:

* The first result that looks like an 'optimized' page is on page 2 (PR=0!)

* The page I got the keywords from is not on pages 1 or 2, but... oh well ;-) What shows up on page 3 is a subpage with PR...6.

Funny detail: Page 2 mentions a page that just has a server error as it's output.

Summary: Just forget about PR as a measure if your page will come up on page 1 at Google.

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