Webbed Footnotes to continue

Scott Golder e-mails:

Because people seem to be enjoying using [Webbed Footnotes], I've decided to NOT limit it to a two week run, and so I am going to keep it running for the foreseeable future. Please feel free to keep using it and conversing with your fellow readers.

I tested the system a little and it looks promising.

What is it?

* It offers New York Times articles for commenting (if i remember correcly: 'plucked' via RSS)

* You comment via a FireFox-plugin directly on the article (but not directly on the NYT-webpage)

* You can see, "approve of" and comment other commentators

You can see in an overvew which articles already have comments. You can also make all comments invisible and read an article totally 'comment free' before you go and check what people have to say.

My comments:

* When I tried it I only saw one other commentator.

* You can approve of other's comemnts, but they (or you) get no feedback of this 'approval'. At least I could not see any. ONly seems to go to the admin.

If this system continues to run it might be developed a little more, be extended to other news sources and be made more reader-friendly. It could also become a 'central' service for heated discussions on press articles or blog posts. People could 'point' to their comments within this system on their blog or blogs without trackback or comments could transfer their discussions there. Newspapers could offer this servce to their readers to get more detailed feedback on articles (Cause now you can comment on single statements and sentences within their original context! I even commented on the use of quotations marks in one case :-)).

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