Geektogether is a format from Germany that strives to merge the Barcamp format with the 'Webmontag'  format (not sure if this exists in the US, it's modeled after some meeting in the US). It's like a Barcamp but has no one 'presenting' but just people 'presenting to each other' and discussing.


Meeting people to geek together


reerve a table at a local restaurant and enter the date, time and location and the min/max attendants in the wiki. (If I understand correctly: if the "min" number is not reached the Geeking is dropped?)


Like in a Barcamp there are just contributers, no "mere" attendants.

Cultural thing to remember:

IT ppl in Germany are not as close together as they are in the US (west coast). Sometimes it's 10 hrs by train to get from one IT hub (Munich) to the other (Hamburg).
So local meetings have a reach of 200.000 to 1 Million ppl (not ITers ;) ) max.

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