Studie zu Weblogs vs. Foren im eLearning


Blogs haben deutliche Vorteile, lediglich Threading ist wünschenswert.


Weblogs or blogs are being heralded as the "next big thing" in education. In this article we examine the advantages and disadvantages of this form of Internet-based interaction using the Community of Inquiry model with its focus on social, cognitive and teaching presences. We conclude that blogging has distinct advantages over more common threaded discussion in its support of style, ownership and identity, and its public nature may enhance resolution phases of cognitive presence. However, its lack of safety and the current inefficiencies of linking and threading messages present greater challenges than the more familiar threaded discussion or email list. Perhaps the blog' greatest relative advantage is for non formal and open education that takes learning beyond the traditional course.

Quelle: [Nov06_article01]

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