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Gestartet wurde die Initiative eines European University Island in Second Life:
The European University Island is set up as a virtual place for real science and education, for interdisciplinary cooperation across faculties, regions and countries. It will be a forum for sharing ideas, information and knowledge, open for anyone interested in science, learning and teaching. It may be used for the cooperation of a variety of different academic disciplines and as an efficient environment for communication between cooperating educational institutions in distant regions and countries.

Soweit ich das sehe ist das ehere ein Privatinitiaive als ein institutioneller Versuch. (Was mich eher positiv stimmt ;) )

Verankert ist das Projekt bei simteach.de und der Deutschen Akademie SL

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  1. Hello,
    I'd tried to be transported there but no way to go in. Is there any need for a permission?
    Thanks in advance for your feedback

  2. It is probably not yet ready ;)


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