David Recordon: opening the social graph

David Recordon of six apart + openid @web expo 2.0 berlin, my notes:

Social netorks are mammoths, social apps ahve a few cool features.
SNs HAVE your freinds, SAs WANT to know who yur frienda are.

Facebook allowed to write social apps INSDE FB.
Google Opensocial allows to build social apps 'across' SNs. and it is booming.

Open Platforms should not be about company politics but about everything working together. (case: instant messenger warss leading to miranda and the like, GAIM, etc. -> all IMs in one Client... , and XAMPP/Jabber that lets people use a commn protocol.

"Identity silos" vs . single login -> leading to OpenID, reducing the numbers of accounts you need online.

The net strives toward decentralization. ('Walled gardens' have no future.)

The Web ist the PLATFORM that is going to win.

"Open Source" becomes "Open Data".

OpenSocial allows light-weight applicatopns to run potentially in tousands of pages and sites.

(was utside for a phonecall)

OAuth: a common Authetification for five login-systems: Google, AOL, Typepad and others.

OpenId creates one central lD to login to several services. OAuth on the other hands does not create a central login.

E-Mail Hashes create a way to authenticate without the hash being able to be re-engineered. But it might not protect against 'account linking'.

-> Provide context outside of your walls. Allow Users to say 'this is also my account / this is also my friend'.

-> Make your network more accessible. You can't win (= lock in) on the long run.

http://updates.elsewhere.im -> Real time of relationship changes.

We HAVR the tpols t doo all this:
- identity
- datat formats
- distributed authorizatin
- distributted apps


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