O'Reilly -- What Is Web 2.0: keynote at web 2.0 expo

O'Reilly -- What Is Web 2.0

My keynote-notes:

- "change the worldby sprteading knowledge to inovaters"
- magazine: make
- people plaing with technology
- gibson: the future is here,it is just not evenly distributed yet.
- we look for sighnsof the future
- web 2.0startedwith peopleexploring techology forthe funof ot
- but it means something for big business
- people still do stillnot understand web 2.0
- it is a battleof tooth and claw,not about peace and love
- it harnesses collective intelligence
- who does somerthing great gets better
- it creates a barrier of entry
- the big ones get bigger (red shift)

1 - Users add value: Google,YOUTUBE, EBAY, AMAZON, CRAIGSLIST: users buids those.Google found new meaning in the user generated linking

2 data isbthe next intel inside
mapquest -> yahoo local -> etc. All used bought data. Nokiabought the maps Googleisusing.
What are your useful data?Howdoesyour data get better if people use it.

Enterprises can profit from Web 2.0. If they provide user facing services with the data they collect.

3 a platform beats an application evey time
(this is how microsoft wonthe desktop)
"one ring to rule them all" vs. "small pieces loosley joined"
(opensocial is not as open as it appears and we need to force google to have it really open)

I want to manage my phone- and e-mail contacts via social software.
Gather my data: employees,authors!
"Ask my bloody phone, it knows who is my friend!"

CRM 2.0

An internet operating system.
Locations etc.

4. Software above the levelof a single device
("who is excited about the iphonecoming to germany?" 5peopleof severalhundref raise their hands (yessss :) OG))
Mobiles are used to access the net.

What is aftr 2.0
'sensor based applications'
- last.fm is a music sensor
- jaiku.com is driven by the sensores in the phone, it knows where people are
- "pay as you drive"-insurance (gps)
- path intelligence: rent isbased on cellphone/visitor monitoring
- im-mi: analyzes tv habits via audio.
- hotosynth: 3d images frommany photos
- houses thatvare synched between real life and sl
- OpenCV computer vision
- book: programming collective intelligence

The big getbigger, the good getbetter.
The new revolution will bring in new players.

Kutzweil: "An invention will have to make sense in the world that it is finished."

Thing about data and usefra cing services with the data you collect.

(typed on my trep...)

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