Stowe Boyd: Social Applications

Just my notes:

Stowe Boyd spoke about social applivatins and what to consider when building them and I was specially impressed by the theortical part.

social= about me (I make the decisions what I use and who my buddy is etc.)

social scale:100 or 1000 contacts? (depends on the relevance,1000 irrelevant is fine)

sociality: what is the etikette?

Networks: collaboration makes more projects per oerson oossible
"e-mail is the place knowledge goes to die"

The value of the web is increasing w/ the numbers of connections: harness the help of people. Help the trustworthy.

"swamth": digital representation for the reputation- implicit or explicit (techorati).You have to build a reputation tool.

Touch points: how to I acccess people? i need to know them
Each tag has a hypothetical group of users:you can create a coincidence of a meeting of people.

read: the diffusion of innovation

streams: people are connected online. A torrent of updates from people around you. (cf sociallearn for "open university").

instead of ugc: "indigenous content" (by us, for us).
streams will become the dominant mode of social attraction.

markets: allow peopleto get what they want (a new thing, an easier way.)
am ad that is so targeted to your needs that you don't mind: that is not spam. (take a nickel of each transaction, premium, ads,...)

social design:
- flow, traffic, streams
(small groups produce good ideas,many people produce many ideas)
- personas (archetypical users,3-8,one liners, touch points)
- user experience

What can be done?
- if you are not signed in you see nothing about me.
- login: basic info, (problem: default city), rss of own trips,contacts list,
-? When was the info updated
- journal in 3 views w/ notes
- ? Can I do reviews?.
- just one homecity, part of town, people nearby?
- get journal as email, send sms to dopplr, openid,
- connection management, facebook app, widget for blog,
- export as ical 2 google calender
- so: use dopplr first, then export
- rss shows no dates, ordered whenit was entered
- integrate flickr (pics taken during this trip)
- upcoming and dopplr are connected (upcoming url)

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