Yesterday's Twits

  • resumingt yesterdays fight with mogulus (fdrag and drop of tracks to playlist seems not to work?) #
  • SAP consultant from Leonberg is spamming me twice w/ a search for a job. complaint to sent. #
  • wow, a morning with 2 linkedin-connect requests. does it catch in Europe? #
  • Spammer is sending me a nice liste of hotel adresses per cc: - seems to think I am a hotel, too. Asked why they think I do brunch-events. #
  • @luebue I think that those 'check my email for possible contacts' leads to masses of low-strength contact requests. #
  • @luebue I am lenient with linkedin and more strict with xing. #
  • made a google spreadsheet with the hotel adresses, you never know ;) #
  • @hamburgstartups twittering in english breadens your possible audience ;) (Hey, I have a Japanese subsriber ;) ) #
  • Great, one of my blogs is on Google #3 for "feuchte muschis im dirndl" *g* #
  • Argh, this internet is useless. need to know what exactly a 'Dauerrechung' looks like ;) Twitter! help! #
  • Argh, Dauerrechnung, I mean. Feels like Monday. #
  • suring time in barcamp visits #
  • robert basic goes wikinomics: (german, a blogger opens his blog) #
  • robert basic goes wikinomics: (german, a blogger opens his blog) #
  • got 2 books from my amazon wishlist tanks to ( wishlist is at ) *g* #
  • added an introcudtory passage to the sinebar of my blog. in german and english. any suggestions? #
  • idea came through a phone conversation (how 0.5) with Matthias @ #
  • opening a google group a day keeps the doctor away. #
  • mogulus will be my pathway to insanity, it is driving me CRAZY..... hahaha CRAAASAZY #
  • cool e-mail statement #
  • @mic2007 I seem to be unable to move a saved track to the playlist #
  • @sichelputzer if it sticks out it is OK ;) #
  • (german:) non partisan internet activitsts wanted #
  • reprioritizing my amazon wishlist #
  • ok, on sunday I'll need somebody to explain to me how to handle Moguluis. this is a pain ;( #

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