Yesterday's Twits

  • still in bed, kids are setting the breakfast table. need 2 teach them 2 make coffe :) #
  • @scobelizer on my m.twitter your linkblogtwits have no urls (still in bed) #
  • my comments on google knol: #
  • @sichelputzer in europe the twitter downage will be after 1800 till 0600 on a weekend this should be ok :) right? #
  • @sichelputzer if you are more active in it will protect your sleeping furniture:) #fatblogging #
  • @tjungbluth read more blogs they have less advertising :) (for now :) ) #
  • has a date: end of May 2008. There is not room enough for all my twitter followers, so: hurry ;) #
  • I think i just edited for the first time ;) #
  • twitter even missed it'S downtime or what? #
  • @cbetta do you have contacts in Italy (or GB or NL ;) ) that might wanna come to (bed now, tired and happy) #

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