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  • @rednix you are in a better position. I am currently collecting my class of 1984. (and some names from 81) #
  • breakfast is done, now a walk in the fresh snow to burn some calories. #
  • 1h to home on #A81 moving north. cold but all clear. (using @hashtags for trafficinfo would be cool :) #hashtags) #
  • @zeniscalm fondue AND raclette? you ae cruel :) #
  • @marcel_w I twitter faster than any automatism. but now I autopost my twits to my blog at nite :) #
  • @yvonneschubert can't youcollect (bernsteine) in your pockets? :) #
  • @gigold you only .use a wiki for barcamps*g* #
  • @mcwinkel "orange chilli beer" or what? *g* #
  • @chrisbrogan twitter shows the net IS about humans. and it can be a precious "real time" info tool. #
  • omfg ihave 1700 bacon messages ;( ( 1 7 0 0) #
  • these days getting myspace friend requests is a rare thing ;) hi @dittes ;) #
  • @zeniscalm I can guess now ;) #
  • @we5 which tweet do you wanna refer to? but actually I have been twittering that I was gone for 3 days now, and nobody stole the old TV #
  • @rene_welter in comparison to shrek (which "bee movie" uses for advertising): ***. Bees in themselves are inherently boring ;) (duck) #
  • @rene_welter and compare my summary twit... about bee movie: #
  • the holiday traffic dent is far less severe this year, everybody is looking for itunes accounts w/o credit cards. #

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