Yesterday's Twits

  • nice productivity newsletter: 'declare chaos to be the normal case' and: 'the chaos around you is not your FAULT' ;) #
  • does it makle any sense to aspire "to learn something about RoR" in 2008 (got a study program here, cleaning up office) #
  • this 'old' usb mouse (1,5 years) still works if you HIT IT HARD ;) - what does this teach us, oh master? (just watched episode 3 of SW ;) ) #
  • ok, gimme a hint: should I leave autoroll on my sidebar or replace it with a dopplr badge or kick both? #
  • @planetsab tell me something new ;) but what is blogging for if not for fiddling with what to put on the sidebar? #modelleisenbahn #
  • name of the new blog project shows up 3 times in google, once with reference to a talk of mine where the name slipped. optimal precondit ... #
  • @PickiHH PickiB? #
  • @pickihh hm, I have 30 seconds to my office, if I go slowly. I feel awake generally ;) #

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