Dld08: smart boys about new markets.

(all quotes just very rough...)
Industry veterans who moved to digital give their views on the present future.

"every company who calls itself global isn't" you cannot compare one city to another.
All that was true n is youth about the universe and earth is wrong now. Like the Universe is not a vacuum or first life used photosynthesis.
Catastrophes happen and put our present into perspective. We should beprepared: everything will change by 100% in the next 20years.

Joseph Vardi:
Founder of ICQ. (Missed some.Great chane ahead.)

joe schoendorf (accel)
We should pay more attention to youth. 50% of the world population is under 25.
We will live in a world there will be more video cameras than people.

Change. DVB-H. Change happens so fast. There is new information every day.
The kids usedto watch TV at xmas. Now they used facbook a lot and watched dvds.
Advertising will have to change if they want to have the attention of people. You don't need videoanymore. My ideas come from watching my young kids from my second amrriage. This is the biggest revolution since Gutenberg.

martin sorell (wpp)
I worry about 3 things
- geography
we are going through a massive powershift: india and china. Faster going markets. 2025 they will acccount for 50% of the world gmp.
Sarkozy and merkelneed to be successful to 'save' western europe.
- techology
Google is a 'frienimy'. The supposed value is bigger than anything comparable.
The market is telling us something about what is happening.
We are at the brink of a videorevoluton.theit revolution will come from Bangalore and Beijing. You will have to watch the Chinese Olymics. It will have more than only sports significance.

- recesscion
The new President of the us will ahve a hard job to counter the fiscaland tradde deficits.

Hubert Burda:
I am not pessimistic for my business. In education -like univerities-we are behind standford. The potential lies in software. A website with 40 editors mustnot be better than onewith 20. Software is he key. America and Asia are ahead here. The speed in south korea is so incredible. Europe is too slow a s far as the universirties go.

Joe: I made a prediction. The next g7 meeting willjst have 1 eurpoean memeber: Britain. Germany was passed by (some asiancountry.).

Entrepreneur research shows: the second generation of immigrants is very succesful.
Buttoday rhe immigrants don't need to travel tothe US. The creativity in the developing countries is immense.
They are digial immigrants.
For me this is a source of joy, not oneof fear.Networked globalization is positive.

Turkey cpuldbe a key for dealing with many of the peoblems ahead: Gateway to the muslim world. Dynamic population etc.
What we said about Japan we now say about India and China.

Wurman: I thought this would be boring. But this was interesting.
(Tells a story how they hijacked Schondorfs limousine.)

Is Google too powerful and slowing everybody down.
Burda: Google sends customers to people who are maybe ignored by others. (Has a story to show this about a skiing guy. A Printer. ) Google lets customers discover new offers.
We also have to develop new offers.

Martin: if Iwas 25 I would go to Bejing or Shaghai and leave Western Europe.
The N11 (next 11 markets) are interesting for growth rates. Africa is also promising.It is amazing what some of our clients are doing there. 800000 Chinese are operating in Africa at the moment.

Joe: If I was 25 I'd stay where I amK silicon valley.it is a global magnet for innovation. I can't think of a better place to be.

W: I'd make a considerbaly better Google.

Martin: maybe in 25 years all peole onthis anel will be women. There are too few of them.
Direct marketing provided a way for women up the company. "below the line" used to be considered 'unworthy'.

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