Yesterday's Twits

  • why does my firefox no loger accept URL and ENTER in the adress-line? I press enter, nothing happens. some plugin? #
  • I rephrase ;): hoosgot an idea why I cannot use " [enter]" in my Firefox adress line anymore? nothing happens. plugin? #
  • what about using h00sgot when talking about h**sgot? otherwise we all blog + twitter to h00sgot ;) #
  • OK, (public) Google calender and Dopplr are up2date, roughly ;) #
  • new zealand twitters 'happy new year' and twitter is still up ;) #
  • ok, who does NOT have Raclette tonite ;) (we also have it ;) ) #
  • why does @twitter4skype not send me direct msgs? ;( #
  • who has a n95 and is UNhappy with it? @hoosgot #hoosgot hoosgot #
  • signing off the PCs, from now on twittering via treo ;) till the end ;) #
  • counting down to new years eve-dinner.not much time 4 twittering. #
  • all shots already fired.never know if the kids make it that long :) no one hurt :) #

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