Yesterday's Twits

  • page level access at pbwiki now kewl ;) #
  • Voices from ppl I do not remember from 23 (!) years ago on #
  • told someone from a publishing house (blog responsible) about twitter. did not know it. #
  • registring at the online thingy of VG wort. need to print+sign sth. and send it by snailmail. money involved ;) #
  • what you always wanted to know about Enterprise 2.0, Wikis and Blogs (german): #
  • my 2,936th tweet (copycatting @saschalobo ) #
  • my 2,937th tweet (copycatting @saschalobo ) #
  • some know about project d, some will learn the URL on saty via twitter, all will be able to see the page on monday, I guess @jovelstefan #
  • registred at soocial #
  • @gapingvoid in 3 years you will attach 3d-googles to your phone, same difference ;) #
  • suuuuperrrrrr soocial does not support Palm Treo and only macs, no "real" computers, useless. #
  • has the djv thingy also been recorded? needed to tend to he offspring while it was on... @pickihh @tknuewer #
  • pls twitter more slowly, I read, click on older... and see the same stuff ;) ( @mediaocean did you record dju? ) #
  • macs are better than PCs (German) (NOT!) ;) #
  • @mediaocean you are my geek hero ;) netxt time there is free beer I'll get U one ;) #
  • @mediaocean that and barcamp jena and DLD (incl Bloggertreff) and @barcampbodensee ;) (re:publica has free beer now?) #
  • @saschalobo and whose friends are they then? yours? #
  • @heiko re: pizza you are invited to join us on ;) #fatblogging #
  • @mediaocean we have a plan now ;) (nite!) #

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