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  • justh threw our xmas tree on the road from the second floor, fun (small road, was blocked, all safe ;) ): Knuuuuuut. #
  • @amertens only RL, SL is for losers *oops* #
  • Is 100.000 PI for 500 EUR a good price? (180*300pixel) traffic would be highly topic relevant... #
  • @luebue I was also wondering what kinda trailer stuff they showed before 'Bee Movie'. 'Daaad, what is .....' *g* #
  • "Klinsmann bei Bayern." I get my news from Twitter and my traffic from Google. Now a Starbucks needs to open downstairs. 4 WiFi and coffee. #
  • Thinking about totally unheard of advertising formats for project D while chatting with @ripanti #
  • @frogpond McCafe? We need an excorcist .... Spoling the youth and so... #
  • blogging is safe like **** #
  • @leralle to use sth like mixxxt makes sense as with mormal wikis you don't have the mail adresses of ppl who fail to unregister if they skip #
  • @leralle well YOU find it sufficient, the Organizers want to be able to 'Mail to all' for good reasons. Blcklists are no solution cause... #
  • @leralle... cause it is a s***load of work to manage them, you have discussions etc. mixxt solves a problem for Organizers of Barcamps :=) #
  • a failed startup-weekend. sad. #
  • s @jovelstefan and I start project D on Monday today till like 1500 is the time to reach me if you wanna be start sponsor and profit fro ... #
  • @cgiorgi the guy with 51% backed out 10 ppl (or 8 or so) nobody knows why, yet. but: a top 100 .de-Blogger who is well connected. #
  • @cgiorgi talk to @cemb about it maybe he/we'll make it 'european' ;) maybe one could to a startupcamp on the side @barcampbodensee #
  • @podpimp bin gespannt auf deine recherche ;) #startupcamp #failure #
  • " is booming" (german) (scnr, joke, @rednix ) #
  • @saschalobo yep, get that 70ies TV-moderator hairdo back I saw on one of your profile pix ;) #
  • @saschalobo monopolies are so 1970ies #
  • saw #opera 'norma' in #stuttgart was cool. 2 women 1 guy almost murdered children cults wars temples great singers #
  • @robgreen inever saw a second of dschungelcamp. missing nothing. #
  • @jensscholz eispiraten rulez :). #
  • waiting 30 minutes at station after 3 hrs opera = anticlimax, proll grls entertain waitingroom #
  • @jobsworth pls explain ++ feature, url? #
  • @robgreen what are U reading? i: pk dick 'alphane moon' and the newest w. gibson. #
  • @obein can't belive it also. a whole internet out there and they watch d-camp. #
  • @jensscholz hihi. I only saw it once or twice.but so cool :) #
  • @luebue ibet @robgreen is also twittering from his treo :) like me. i'm on the train home.#opera (not the browser:)) #

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