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  • @jovelstefan so we twitter the name of project-d this afternoon? btw @kmto loved the concept :) #
  • failed trying to send the kids to the bakery. normally they fight for the right to go. already playing. #
  • @dondahlmann happy birthday :) #
  • @mattsches right, I was at a loss for the name as i removed the dust jacket ;) #
  • @luebue my treo is my BRAIN I only have it tucked safely away whilew I am bathing or showering. otherwise it is at arm's length #gtd #
  • finally finished watching (DJV-Event). Intersteng. you discuss and keep your optinion... #
  • finally finished watching (DJV-Event). Interesting. you discuss and keep your optinion... #
  • @jovelstefan you know w/ project D it's like with sex, if you postpone the climax for too long the excitement becomes fatigue :=) #
  • BTW my digg ID is if you wannan addme, have not been using this yet ;) #
  • as a reaction to a failed startup weekend I am thinking of an online startup engine. ideas to apps to beta to money all via "2.0". #
  • is this hack real or fake? #
  • polish hacker boy played model trains with real trams #
  • @nicolesimon there are ppl who script their podcasts? How lame ;) If I wanna write I blog ;) #
  • @we5 thanks t did look kinda fake, when he did the photo thing I thought: naaah. they don't have that resolution ;) #
  • is THIS really the way to sell stuff on the web? this format of writing long pages I mean? #
  • OK, making lunch for 2 kids and me. Wife is gone for 30 hrs ;) CU #
  • @sichelputzer if you take the kid with you she will learn to sleepanywhere i saw 3 yers old sleep in front of a stage :) (not mine) #
  • @jovelstefan I guess it is ok if I make a customer login for the d-blog for @mr94 He wants to have a look ;) #
  • @jovelstefan and my time budget would indicate it is a good idea to release the name of project D within the next 10 Minutes ;) #
  • I cannot reach @jovelstefan but we wanted to tell you the domainname for "project d" this afternoon, evening now and here it is: Http:// ... #
  • well, I hit enter and @jovestefan called he was lost in consumerland ;) #
  • ok as it as not linked: is "Project D", launch: Night Sunday -> Monday #
  • as martin blogged about in you can also have inside info on the project if you are my ... #
  • @isabo_ well the clinic gives you the weight in grams ;) but in the ad you sometimes write kilos. Never heard ppl talking 'pfund' #

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