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Update: Statcounter got back to me by mail cause of my twit posted here and apologized for the disruption caused by manintenance: Cool ;)


  • Finally unpacked my DLD08-Luggage. Teleporting back to normal space. #
  • @spreeblick der Treo 680 (einer ohne win) schmiert angeblich deutlichst seltener ab als mein treo 650. der entschleunigt so wunderbar ;) #
  • 8 minutes till the arrival of a journalist from Stuttgarter Zeitung. #
  • Got a connect by a "stranger" on Yahoo 360, what is happening? ;) #
  • kewl: you can use 'remember the milk' via twitter: #rtm #gtd #
  • @textundblog indeed Gattaca comes to mind when you hear about #
  • I am rarely using, but if you feel like you need to be my contact: #
  • we don't need open social, we just need twitter, you twitter your ID on a new network and your fruiends contact U ;) (thanks ;) ) #
  • & twitter needs an edit option with auto spellchecking ;) #
  • Ehm, says I have an invalid project ID? Do you have that error, too? I CAN logion, but then... #
  • @leralle well ok, I also see underlined words in my twitter input window ;) #
  • @slidetone well, most of my readers do not read German ;) #
  • @planetsab ok, great. alert me as soon as they are ready and I'll use it ,) #
  • frees the music online: #
  • @leralle well we win users can pick between several solutions usually ;) must be confusing to macians this concept ;) #
  • @tencate I'd twitter in German, but I have so many nonG followers. which is fine ;) #
  • @hhebig I oppose experimenting with humans ;) #
  • LOst your job? Robert Scoble tells you how to get it back. #

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