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  • a new profile a day keeps the blues away (not getting a flu after all) #
  • PLan: breakfast at <strike>tiffany's</strike> IKEA. Some shopping Then work. (As if this was not work, ts.) #
  • Guy wants to buy What should I charge him? #hoosgot #lazyinternet (OK I have a rough idea on the no. of digits the price has ;) ) #
  • somebody is very afraid (german): #msft #
  • @michaelreuter actually that I trust that person to forward my e-mail etc. is essential. I'd rather rent it for 5 years or so ;) #
  • 15:04 and 4 coffees and one headache pill, OM*beep* (wather or flu? I hope: weather...) #
  • @leralle yahoo pipes exists ;) #
  • @leralle it makes little sense ti use twitter and then complain if ppl at an event twitter their soul out ;) that's what it is 4! #
  • silly question: does clinton not attack obama cause she wants to become VP ("again" *g*) #
  • @leralle well you can do that read via rss and filter via yahoo pipes ;) (or program a client ;) ) #
  • lemme say it in geekspeak: w*b'n'w*lk meets "*2 data L": q'apla'APLA #
  • Right, if you wanna look something up on the net you hit your own article #
  • @jochenjochen ist es bei euch etwa kalt? #
  • @michaelreuter well, twitter is a business tool ;) #
  • meta-kram-management google reader hat so was herrlich entschleunigendes #

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