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  • me on yahoo 360: #
  • this 'd actually be cool 4 links U post 2 twitter: get notified when someone clicks a link you send... #
  • @morgenland schwarz-grün? get real ;) (Metzger ist kein Grüner mehr...) #
  • @morgenland ist denn dei FPD drin? Ampel? Oder erholen die sich nicht mehr von Möllemann + Co? #18% #
  • never ride alone #
  • if @kosmar had 1 eur for every presentation w/ his tag-cloud... #
  • @morgenland IMO the FDP has at some points problems of accepting democracy. #
  • @morgenland If The CDU and SPD had thet attitude we would not have a govennmend (or a minotrity one) #
  • @morgenland But the FDP is too scared to go into an election without naming a future partner. maybe they should try positions instead... #
  • @kosmar maybe I'll make it a running gag to include your web 2.0 tag cloud in all my presentations and pay you 1 euro each ;) #
  • @morgenland IMO the larger parties will lose voters on the long run, thus creating the need to 3 and 4 party coalitions #

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