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  • listening and liveblogging an event abt. digital consumers and marketing reserach online. #
  • @whatsnext well as those are not connected there shuld not be a prob, right? just forward the .mac stuff 2 gmail... #
  • @twittertutor well prob is I have no tutoring requirements re: twitter ;) #
  • die neusten spamblogs oder was: #
  • vico gmbh: monitoring und consulting - marktanalyse im web 2.0 #
  • vico: first the is a situation analysis: qualitative and quantitative market research #
  • (live twittering from an event on 'digital comsumerism' @ stuttgart ) #
  • vico: the web also tells me what people say about my competitors #
  • here is what i iveblogged so far (german): #
  • depending on the communication profile (freq, toality) we need to react strategically #
  • vico: Analysis is moth automatic and manual, quantitative and qualitative #
  • vico / monitoring: what are the topics and keywords, what are the sources, what is their relevance? #
  • vico: if there is no buzz before the release of a product it will be a hard sell. #
  • vico: tonality can be analyzed automatically by synonyms-lists in all european languages #
  • MAyer de Groot: Werbung mit Emotionen - bisher: Werbung funktioniert sehr ungenügend. #
  • Mayer de Groot: Zwiscen Innovation und Markteinführung liegen 16-54 Jahren. #
  • @dpetereit inwiefern unbewusst? #
  • Mayer de Groot: in der mafo hat sich in 40 Jahren nichts verändert #
  • Mayer de Groot: Hirnforschung kann nicht alles im Marketing erklären. #
  • there are 1 million+ brabnds in germany, but people have only a command of 2500 words in average #
  • 2500 = aktiver wortschatz #
  • mayer de groot: wrigley extra brought chewing gum (back) to the grown ups #
  • mayer de groot: if you concetrate on a main key point of your product your can have a brand turn around #
  • hey, yall come to barcamp alsace this weekend, if you come it will NOT be the last one! #
  • @twittertutor what are favorites for? If I wanna keep something I bookmark it ;) thern it is automatically blogged #
  • @katerine no comprende #
  • suuperR: "Dopplr now informs you of "nearby" and "near-miss" coincidences. You can see when someone adds a trip to a place near where you'l" #

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