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  • Weißt du, wie du Gott zum Lachen bringen kannst?
    Erzähl ihm deine Pläne.

    (Blaise Pascal) #
  • "Crushes" is Facebook-Spam, don't send it on. #
  • Anyone of my contacts using iKarma? #
  • @kahta hm :) z.B. in meiner gestrigen wochenshow #
  • @mic2007 ich bezweifle, dass man 60-75 Gläser (für eine Jacke) in einem Jahr wegkriegt ohne zu verfetten. #
  • @gernot nachtigall ick hör dir trapsen #google #twitter #supertuesday #
  • the twitter-googlemap-mashup for Super Tuesday is WOW: if you don't dig twitter after this... #
  • @kahta ok, dann sind es immer noch 12 Kilo N*tella ;) und 24-30+ Kilo für die Jacke. Absurd. Ich korrigier es im Posting. #
  • shows by name and adress who gave money to which candidate. #supertuesday #
  • Barrack Obama ist actually most mentioned in the twitter messages on the twitter-google-map-mashup #
  • Huckabee wins West Virginia, no other results yet. Huge amount of voters obvioulsly. Twitteres seem to favor Obama. #
  • Statistics seems to predict a tie between Obama and Clinton nationally. And then -> Read this: #
  • Oops, I had missed THAT: Bush is also a twit ;) #
  • whoever thinks "jaiku is like twitter": errs. so google's choice to team with twitter for super tuesday makes sense. #
  • jaiku is: (mobile) loca(liza)tion + RSS aggregation. twitter is microblogging and presence. twitter is FAR more BASIC that jaiku. popular... #

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