Yesterday's Twits

  • @cemb ideas are cheap, only exwecution counts. so: no prob twittering ideas. #
  • knitting blogs were yesterday, not it is live quilting videos #
  • @Jay16K I am not evebn sure what the real name behind your twitterID is (I an old man ;) ) Do U have my nr? #
  • @denquer yep I anso want to see torsten @ republica + the thing that is right before my talk ;) #
  • ok, who wants to interpret these numbers? #web3.d #secondlife #
  • @sierralog you have been to interesting places, for sure ;) #
  • @theuer if your e-mail is read, what is it doing in the inbox, then? #gtd #inboxzero #
  • plan 4 this morning: driving to customs. picking up a macbook pro G4 ppc. gift. #addiction #questionmark #
  • @moe instead you could be a boy scout and assist them w/ buying a ticket ;) #
  • a @sierralog (double) is a model for mobile ads *g* #
  • @bobbes I'll keep you updated. Powerbook G4 15'', 512MB RAM, 80GB Harddisk the sender calls it 'macbook pro' I have no idea ;) #
  • it is only me who cannot reach #
  • trying hellotext to post to twitter, jaiku, plaxo and Pownce. And Facebook and... #
  • re: xing ok If I am the only one I'll just reboot the internet ok? *g* #
  • @barcampmd how about a session 'we all explain oli how to use his new old powerbook?' #
  • Wow, Ponzi [wife of ubergeek chris pirillo/lockergnome] is following me on twitter. I will have to behave now ;) @ponzarelli #
  • @ponzarelli go for an IEEE-PC ultrasmall, runs real linux, geeky instead of lifestyle, even more possibilities to plug sth, in ;) #
  • hm hellotext just seems for posting to everywhere, kinda lame. #
  • @zeniscalm Jena, Mulhouse, Offenburg and @barcampbodensee (yall register NOW) are planned. No Ruhr, No Hannover. (I know u will be at bcb ;) #
  • @bloggingtom or the internet built into my computer is losing battery power? I guess I've been blogging too much #
  • note to self: wenn du das neue macbook einstöpselst dafür nicht den stecker vom router ziehen #
  • @kevinmarks well, they do no evil ;) (re: google does not invest in nucleat power) #
  • Google bought Jotspot quite a while ago. Has any tech from them shown up anywhere? Waiting 4 GoogleWiki. #
  • Hey kewl: Berlin's Coworking Cafe #1 is twittering ;) (Is there a #2? ;) ) #
  • @barcampmd at least if I can get my elictrician to attach a german plug instead of the swiss one that camew with it ;) #
  • watching @svensonsan with his lenor-voice introducing qype3 *g* #

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