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  • a new question, this time from my daughter: (german + english) #
  • Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville: firt person to record sound (not Edison) #
  • Up early, you do NOT whanna know what the cat did to my bed ;( #
  • @diedrich also up early? ;) #
  • @smn the password recovery mail on the other one has not arrived, but my gmail might have a prob ;) #
  • i'm kinda lost in soocial, how do I find conatcts? I don't wanna enter by hand, do I? #
  • @ricdes I cionnected my gmail, but nothing has happened yet, I think. #
  • @ricdes there is the option to connect your gmail data in soocial, I do not know more, I have no contacts yet #
  • @smn I miss at soocail a 'profile page I can pouint my conatxcts to 4 connection. have a look at: #
  • I might need a place to stay after re:publica pre:party (april 1st-2nd, berlin). anyone? #
  • this is cool: Use google 4 free at hotspots: (i have 1 too and made 3 Bucks 1 1.5 years ;) ) #
  • @danielahinrichs now U know why the bavarian janitor calles bloggers 'cheap' #
  • Updating my status from Zude, kewl thing here... web 3.0 is here :=) #
  • can you access my space at zude and interact with it: ? #
  • I am following too many ppl, twitter per IM does not work ;) #
  • @kojote reason not to update to FF3, #
  • @kojote Zude is , well kinda user generated applications, a little like iGoogle but on speed. You can integrate almost anytihng... #
  • @ansi I guess you should follow me ;) #
  • sleeper awakes: #weblog #mediapeople #contributerswelcome #
  • @philippgrunwaqld I libe on FF plugins and am not sure I want to endaher my main working environment by the compatibility hack. #
  • @kojote closer to iGoogle or Nervibes Ginger but far mor compatible to F8, Opensocial, Googlegadgets, Wooglewidgets, RSS, etcetc. etcetc. #
  • @hypocrisy I must say I have so many feeds that Netvibes is rather useless anyways ;) #
  • this is funny read to the end #creationists #
  • @philippgrunwald as soon as I hear that FF3 is ok and maybe even out of beta, it's ok for me. but I WORK inside FF ;) #
  • @fabeblau the stats thingy in http.// is replaced by sth that does not pop up. htehy introduced that at some point ;( #
  • @Ryo de rien ;) #

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