Yesterday's Twits

  • I have some (netiqette-)questions on Netiquette in WoW and Team-Shooters or other online game environments. skype:olivergassner. Thanks ;) #
  • @Ryo interesting. What if you do not adhere to guild rules or rulings? #
  • pownce produces a 500 error? #
  • @moe springer does 'avastar', which is pdf in a 3d world. ehm ;) #
  • tryingh to install aka.aki on a palm treo 650 w/ java engine #
  • @ryo thanks #wow I now also had a longer phonecall w/ sb into wow and CS. #
  • if U need a socialthing invite: d oliverg w/ your e-mail adress, got 9 left #
  • thinking about a group blog where we just publish the names and areas of businesses of spammers in our blogs. #getsonmynerves #
  • Will this pay as well as FSJ? #
  • now i not only have my niece as a fb-contact but the son of some friends added me. fb will close the generation gap ;) #

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